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Transfer Domain Infomaniak Switzerland

Transfer Domain in Infomaniak

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Transfer Domain Infomaniak Switzerland
  • Log in the Organization that contains the(s) product(s) to transmit (the user must have administrative rights)

    Open cette page du Manager

  • Click on the button Transférer des produits

  • Box le ou les produits à déplacer

  • Read and accept the general terms and conditions of Infomaniak

  • Click on the button Transférer

  • Insert our E-mail address : info@ks-digital.chet envoyer.

It is not necessary to notify us, we will start the work.

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Transfer Domain Infomaniak Switzerland

KS Digital is managed by the company GO Immobilier specialized in Digital Marketing in Europe.

Transfer Domain Infomaniak Switzerland

Transfer Domain Infomaniak Switzerland

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How to transfer his estate in Switzerland

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