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Earning Money in Valais

Affiliate program

Earn commissions

Earn money in Valais !

No limit on the amount you can earn! Have your customer pay directly online.

Earning Money in Valais
Earning Money in Valais

Our product experts are available to help you find the ideal solution for your organisation. We are available by telephone from Monday to Friday.

Earning Money in Valais

Your client must register in order to place an order for their website and pay for our annual service.

Earning Money in Valais
Obtaining income

At the end of each month, we make a monthly statement and transfer your earnings directly from the sale of our services.

Money in Switzerland

What are the benefits?

The more you sell, the more you earn - it's simple! This will allow you to earn unlimited commissions.

How does affiliation work?

Here is our tariff plan, a very simple action plan that allows you not only to be paid, but also to participate in our growth! (Thank you)

Visual attractive

We provide you with sales brochures and flyers as well as your affiliate sharing links.


You get all the information you need to sell as easily as possible, you don't have to worry about anything.


You benefit from the right to share our logo as well as sharing it on all your social networks free of charge.

Earn money

Every sale you make earns you 10% of all transactions paid by your customers!

Support Affiliation

You have a right to contact our support via WhatsApp, one of our staff will be available to help you if needed.


An easy way! Tell others about us by sharing your affiliate links, that's all!

Our experts are at your disposal.

Just focus on sharing your link and telling people to simply drop by!

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Earning Money in Valais

KS Digital is managed by the company GO Immobilier specialized in Digital Marketing in Europe.

Earning Money in Valais

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