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Free website Switzerland

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KS Digital
KS Digital
KS Digital
KS Digital
KS Digital
KS Digital

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Free website Switzerland

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Free website Switzerland

Creating web site free of charge in Switzerland

The small town of stained Glass is perhaps one of the most beautiful of the Franche-Comté. Its white houses with their pointed roofs of red tiles lie on the slope of a hill, from which tufts of vigorous chestnut trees mark the lower curves. The Doubs flows a few hundred feet below its fortifications built long ago by the Spaniards, and now ruined.

When Julian saw the picturesque ruins of the old church of de Vergy, he noticed that since the day before he had not thought once to madame de RĂȘnal. The other day when leaving, this woman reminded me of the infinite distance that separates us, she treated me like the son of a worker. Without a doubt, she wanted to mark me his repentance of me to have left his hand the day before... yet It is pretty, this hand ! what a charm ! what nobility in the eyes of this woman !

M. de RĂȘnal was absorbed in this doubt, when he saw from afar a peasant, a man of nearly six feet, which, from the dawn, seemed to be busy-to-measure pieces of wood deposited along the Doubs river, on the towpath. The peasant did not have the air quite happy to see approaching the mayor ; because these pieces of wood that blocked the path, and were deposited there in the ticket.

Creation of web sites in Switzerland

The next day, after five hours, before madame de RĂȘnal was visible, Julien had given her husband a leave of three days. Contrary to his expectation, Julien found himself the desire to re-examine it, thinking of his hand-so pretty. It came down to the garden, Mme de RĂȘnal was a long wait. But if Julian had loved, he had seen her behind the blinds half-closed on the first floor, forehead pressed against the glass. She looked at it. Finally, in spite of her resolutions, she is determined to look to the garden. Her pallor usual had given way to more vivid colors. This woman is so naive was obviously agitated : a feeling of constraint, and even angry alter the expression of serenity and as above all the vulgar interests of the life, which gave many charms of this figure is in heaven.

As these feelings rushed through a crowd in the soul of the young tutor, his countenance mobile took on the expression of pride is suffering and ferociousness. Mme de RĂȘnal was troubled. The coldness virtuous than she had wanted to give to her home gave way to the expression of interest, and an interest animated by the surprise of the sudden change that she had just seen. The empty words that we are addressing in the morning, on health, on the beauty of the day, tarirent at once in every two. Julien, whose judgment was not disturbed by any passion, was found soon have a way to mark Mme de RĂȘnal how little he thought he was with them in friendship ; it says nothing of the trip that he was going to undertake, the bowed and left.