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Create a Free website

Create a Free website
Our service is rated "Excellent" with 4.9/5 on INFOMANIAK
Create a Free website
Our service is rated "Excellent" with 5/5 on Google

Create a Free website in Switzerland

We are the only ones who offer the creation of your professional WordPress website for free.

We provide effective and sustainable solutions !

We are specialists in website design and WordPress web ! All of our sites made or assumed are created with WordPress and nothing else.

Create a Free website


Your website will be visible on Google ! All internet sites with us are referenced, you don't pay anything more, everything is included.

Create a Free website


Always keep your site up to date, and once the creation is made and finished, you will have access to your customer account to send us the changes to change. We take care of everything, and it all year long !

Create a Free website
Create a Free website

You already have a web site ?
No problem !

We are experts to handle the recovery from your old web host. Nothing more simple, make the most of your website with our benefits are out of the ordinary !

Create a Free website

Advanced features for all !

With us, all the changes are included, you pay nothing extra ! You get a space client to send us your changes.

  • Amendments included

  • Management & quick changes

  • Client area

  • Annual plan

  • No contract term

Your website will be visible on Google ! All internet sites with us are referenced, you don't pay anything more, everything is included.

  • Keyword analysis

  • Check the seo of your website

  • Control your position

  • Management, Google Analytics

  • Management, Google Search Console

You don't get bills for your domain name, or web hosting to pay every year, we take care of everything.

  • Domain name included in the price

  • Price web hosting included in the price

  • We work with Infomaniak in Switzerland

  • Configuration & management

  • Setup SSL (security certificate)

You have nothing to do, we take care of the management, updates to your website and security. WordPress is complex, we love it !

  • Updates WordPress included

  • Management of your internet site included

  • Backup included

  • Protection hacking

  • Manage your E-mails

Move forward together into the future !

We create and manage your website the whole year ! You don't have to worry solder the name of your website every year, we can handle it. You do not have web hosting to pay, we take care of everything. One and the same bill 1x/year, which protects, manages and saves you both time and especially in annual savings !

Create a Free website

How to become a customer of KS Digital

Simple steps to make an excellent internet site effective for you and your business.


Just reply to the registration form. Answer correctly to all questions. Add the maximum amount of information.


Once you arrive on the page of the article, please add your pages, and number of supported languages, additional desired. And to add in all your documents.


Once you have filled in all the information correctly, you can validate your order.


Delivery of your website


No promises, we offer warranties.

KS Digital is an agency specialized in the WordPress world, we believe that by 2023, any person wishing to have a high quality website will be accessible without breaking the bank. More from us, then the domain name is completely up to you.

Create a Free website



You do not pay the annual maintenance that's it !

  • FREE creation
  • Website name
  • Prix hébergement web inclus
  • Seo
  • Changes
  • Security
  • Management
  • Customer Support
Start !

What the clients say to us?

Thank you !

"Thank you KS Digital. Pure professionalism! Reachable at all times, available, responsive and imaginative. I would highly recommend their ability to seduce us. A company that is close to its customers.

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Delfi Ina
Very satisfied !

"Super satisfied with their work ! A job flawless, listening to top and, especially, a remarkable efficiency. I can only recommend for the creation of a website ! "

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Efficiency !

"Thank you, KS, Media super is working and efficiency. "

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We work with the best companies !

KS Digital works with leading companies, not only in Switzerland but worldwide.

Create a Free website
Create a Free website
Create a Free website
Create a Free website

KS Digital is managed by the company GO Immobilier specialized in Digital Marketing in Europe.

Create a Free website

Create a Free website

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The creation of a web site in Switzerland

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Creation site web free,

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Good layout!

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